Wednesday, July 1, 2015

"I remember more (about you)"

[This poem can be read 1) straightforwardly, 2) by taking just the text outside the brackets, 3) by taking just the text inside the brackets.]

I will (make the first move)
Take this picture of us – (we are sitting next to each other)
Capture this moment because (your arm is around me)
You said goodbye before I said hello but (right now, you’re holding on tightly)
I want to forget that you may (kiss me and tell me how much you want me),
Then meet someone else (fall in love)
And feel (no doubts);
Like what you cherish (because alcohol is involved)
Is also worth reaching for (in daylight).
You and I (we are just friends, we)
never last long enough to (want the same things)
Make it past a few nights, a few moments; (but I keep looking at)
The history we pointedly strive not to mark - (the way it is all in my head)