Hello! I’m OT. My proper first name means "peace and contentment" in Chinese, but I've gone by my initials since fifth grade. I was born in Singapore, raised in Hong Kong, and I recently graduated from a liberal arts college in Upstate New York. My birthday is in September, and I'm twenty-two. I'm still firmly in the stage of life where my eyes gloss over all the adjectives on a beer menu -- like citrus and malty and refreshing! -- and go straight to the ABV values.

I like flowers, jewelry that doesn’t rust, Minesweeper, most kinds of tea, boldly patterned socks, getting to know people properly well, reading, running, cycling, cozy sweaters, wild parties, traveling on trains, logical arguments, and the color grey. 

A question I get frequently (as in, once a year) is "why greenglassheart?". I was fifteen when the birth of my blog coincided with receiving a green heart necklace. The heart was made of plastic and there was absolutely no glass, so I'm not sure what I was thinking then. To be honest, the necklace was fairly hideous and I have no idea where it is now.

If you're new here, you should know that this blog has no continuity or central theme and sometimes many months go by without a single post. I like to keep expectations low so that I can claim it's been a surprisingly eventful seven years. Highlights include:
  • Having readers from over 110 countries
  • Meeting blog readers who were complete strangers in person
  • This blog was referenced at the bottom of my college acceptance letter
  • Having two poems published in a print literary magazine -- when I told my mom about this, she asked what they were about. I was embarrassed that the poems were really about boys and didn't want to admit that, so I said, "Nature."
  • Writing a post about my Tinder experiences and getting to present these stories to actual Tinder staff, who nodded and smiled politely

I can be reached at greenglassheart@greenglassheart.com.