Hello! I’m OT, which is what I’ve gone by since fifth grade. They’re the initials of my proper first name, which in Chinese means “peace and contentment”. I was born in Singapore, raised in Hong Kong, and I very recently graduated from a liberal arts college in upstate New York. My birthday is in September, and I'm twenty-one.

I like flowers, jewelry that doesn’t rust, Minesweeper, most kinds of tea, the rain, the sun, the moon, the stars, Verdana (or other sans-serif fonts), boldly patterned socks, hugs, good quotes, getting to know people properly well, reading, running, cycling, Pusheen the Cat, cozy sweaters, wild parties, traveling on trains, logical arguments, and spacious, empty desks. I like my trousers high-waisted, my boots low, and my eggs sunny-side-up or poached. I walk quickly, breathe loudly, and love deeply.

Five years ago, my mom bought me this necklace from Marks & Spencer and it was – wait for it – a green plastic heart. I was full of angst then and wanted a space where I could write my own stuff. I wish I could tell you about the exact moment I came up with the name “greenglassheart”, but I don’t really remember it. And so…I’ve been making immature, shortsighted, cringe-worthy posts here ever since. It’s embarrassing, liberating, scary, frustrating, fun, and a learning experience all at once and all the time. Writing has helped me make sense of the thoughts that linger in my head and reach greater clarity and introspection many times. I can also be awkward in person sometimes, so writing is my way of responding to situations. 

At the moment, I mostly write poetry and personal reflections, but anything goes. I’m very grateful for this outlet of expression, and for all the unexpected little joys that come from opening myself up to you. I hope you enjoy what you find here :)

I presume you are interested in knowing my favorites, so here they are:

navy blue
dark green

the curious incident of the dog in the night-time - mark haddon
all the light we cannot see - anthony doerr
my life as an experiment - a. j. jacobs
hillbilly elegy - j. d. vance
milk and honey - rupi kaur
mao's last dancer - li cunxin
nothing to envy - barbara demick
predictably irrational - dan ariely
I think I am in friend-love with you - yumi sagukawa
this is how you lose her - junot diaz
the hopefuls - jennifer close

BUNT., klingande, cheat codes, lorde, kaleo, adele

tv shows
nathan for you
arrested development
the simpsons
the big bang theory
new girl

the room
shawshank redemption
the simpsons movie

(but really, I like food in general)